Chalupy Vranča


3,9 km from the cottage by car, on foot, by bicycle … Natural swimming pool with an artificial lake with an area of ​​9.5 hectares official name “The Stanoch” or popularly called “Kačák”. It offers grassy, ​​sandy beaches as well. Visitors have access to onsite sanitary facilities (changing rooms, showers, toilets), food stalls, children’s playground and an area for beach volleyball. In the summer evenings are organized here are a variety of music, sport and dance events. There is a base with an artificial ski slope for acrobatic jumps into the water on skis and boards. To the area is banning dogs, and there’s camping permit. In the vicinity of the car park with a capacity of 300 parking spaces. In the immediate vicinity and the road II / 487 (Line-Great Karlovice Vsetin), parking is prohibited. Runs through “Bečva Cycle”, which runs from Valašské Meziříčí to the Slovak border. Possibility of sport fishing, swimming hardy annual New Year or when weather permits, turn the water surface in skating.